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Last call for the Giro

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OK, last thread on this. Who IS going to the spring Moto Giro??

The Ducati is almost together and I hope to start it tomorrow. Don't thing the Giro would be best for its maiden voyage. The Honda is ready to go. That old thing is so dependable (knock on wood) I could ride it the 2 hours down to Jersey, do the giro and ride it home.

Two weekends of motorcycling in a row! I love it! Heck, the lawn will wait...
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oh yes, and then there's Fred, there's something just not quite right with the boy...but he is the MAN to follow, I think he maybe missed 2 turns in 2 days..

WOW!! Another giro in the books. Kudos to Bob Bove for hanging in there and gettin' er done. As always, tons of fun and a challenging route. OK, here we go... Fred and I were the rebels in the group!! We were on 250's and most others were on 200's and 125's and a couple of S90 Hondas.We were placed mid pack along with DCH. Dale is an animal as we had motor on him and could pull at will but every time I look in my mirror, there he was!!
Freakin' awesome Dale. You are the man. It was funny at the end of the first day Dale looked like he just did a 24 hour enduro!!

SOOOO. Sunday morning Fred and I set out to get to all the check points first. Going down a bumpy road my tank bag starts to fall off. We pull over and make the fix and Roper(we had an all out brawl on the way back sat afternnon with roper) goes by so Fred and I decide to catch up to him, he had like 5 mins on us. We pushed hard to catch up and sure enough.....58 in a 30 gets us a court date!!! Whats ironic is on the route sheet in bold it said" CAREFULL SPPED TRAP" !!!

Jack, Jen, Kerry you all carried team It was really nice to throw back a few beers with you all and shoot the shit. Jack, bring the 160 to the track some time and I'll check it out, OK. TT get a freakin' bike for the fall you slacker!!

Team Motobi rules as this was our second team victory!! I came in 3rd in the 250 class, not so bad considering the miscues and competition.

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Ahh see you learn something new every day. I did not realize the DCH was Dale. Didn't mean to leave you out. Thanks again for the voltage meter on Saturday morning!

I think my Dad has finished most of the MotoGiros in Italy. I am not sure because I have never gone with them, and once again, I am not going to this one either. Family vacations like that ended a long time ago to save our sanity:)

Glad everyone made it home safe, sound and in one piece.
that's o.k. Jersygirl, you're young, I forgive you....

btw all, the aforementioned 'bolt' turns out to be 'shift drum locating screw' and 'shift drum locating collar', already pulled one out of a set of cases here, clean up the oil, change the oil and it'll be back to my ride to work bike by the end of the day..


I thought you were coming---I had a bike there for you to use after a friend that I thought would use it wimped out. Instead Jenn put it to the test!

Dhc, yea, it was just a lever, but not having it had the same effect as a blown engine--bike unusable for the run. Thanks again. I still have your spark plug-email me your address and I will send you the plug or, preferably, some money.

Bob Bove did a great job for the art of motorcycling!
That's a very cool pic of the four Motobi's. The type you see in a vintage book 20 years from now. Can't be often in the world these days you see four such bikes together at the same time, licensed and road worthy. Lot of time and dedication I bet to get those four on the road.
you and mary were missed!! folks in the photo r-l, peter davidson,250,me-250,bill burke-200 and bob mitchell,bmw north america,125. bob mitchell won the 125 class!! second time the 125 won its class, pretty cool and i prepped the bike....amazing!!

thats dch on the left... check out the curvies on the right.

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>>those curves on the right


ah, the hawks nest. that's just where i slammed my streebike into the side of the mountain and snaped a leg bone two years ago.

hey what was the Rope man riding? and that's bill burke with the other motobi, right?
roper was riding a 39 guzzi 250cc and yes thats burke...2 cool dudes!!

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And look at Peter Davidson-yellow helmet. He didn't want to take off his helmet at OCC...he was ashamed of himself!!

I gotta come up with something more interesting for the Giro.
The 160 is nice, but too complex. I'd like a nice single, maybe another Gilera, love Mary's little Gilera, that thing is a trooper.

Looks like some nice scenary.

I need more room for bikes.

Most awesome photos. As I was looking at them I had a BIG smile. You go girl!!! and by the way... I have a Ducati 160 that has done 2 giros and I think Jack needs to let you run his again and I will let somebody(female) run mine-Kerry?. Great Time Huh??? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

ha, champ, you team motobi's running scared..already trying to mess with<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


great pics jen
Not as many good pics as the Fall Giro but then again I was riding this time. Team 160 is looking mighty appealing. I know summer will go fast so if I cant muster the HS175 then sign me up for one of those 160s. I had such a great time.
Thanks again to all.
hey guys,
don't get too cocky with that motobi/ducati assumption taco will be there in force in september. all it takes is a timer on the tank and a quick trip to the dpw cone annex dept to get tuned up. i might run my 175 instead of my 250 just to create a little tension in the lower ranks. also have a ringer in mind to ride what i don't to fill out the field. and no matter how the cone thing goes, the 250 metrallas are the class of the field when the wrist gets the maximum twist. you all will smell 32:1 premix.
in anticipation...
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