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Thought I'd share my project from last summer because you don't see a Bridgestone every day. (And partly to show that I actually finish things once in a while.) I love the way this turned out. It was bought on a whim when my 3 brothers and Dad decided "Hey! We should scramble through Rocky Mtn Natl Park this year." Dad had just bought a 72 CL350, which spurred the thought. So the rest of us began combing Craigslist for our steeds. This pink Bridgestone kept popping up in Boulder. I am in Michigan, so I was looking for something that already ran. The Bridgestone was cool, but I couldn't get past the pink. But it eventually got me. It was just too unique to pass up, so I had my brothers go pick it up for me, then send me the pink parts to repaint.

After way too much time spent in photoshop trying different color schemes, I decided it was going to be root beer. Black was too easy. That's what everyone else would do. And original red would just be another red Bridgestone.

Prep, primer, paint, clear, and some flatter handlebars that I had from my TX project, and she was done. The bars turned out nicer than I anticipated also. I had previously scuffed them up and painted them for the Yamaha, but it needed to be chrome so I sanded the paint off, then went after the plating with 400-600-1000-1500 grit sand paper, and then polished. Bueno.


Not too shabby for painting in a dirty garage at night with poor lighting and high humidity. I am pleased. Send the parts back to Colorado, and here she is assembled:

I did get one short video of part of the 'Stone's maiden voyage on my GoPro here:

Hahahaha! It's so slow! You run through the gears while the little stroker is rapped out "Riiiing-Diiiinngg-Diiiinggg-Diiinng" While the speedo is indicating 25-30-35-40. I think I only got it to 60 give or take. Its supposed max speed is 80mph, but maybe not at 5000 feet. Still a fun little runabout.
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