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Leather jackets

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I'm looking for a good leather jacket for riding. I really like the shorter, straight or slim fit style with no collar. One I have been looking at is the Icon retro Daytona. I like everything about it except the "poseur patches" and the price ($450). I did find it on Ebay for under $300, but I'm wondering how they can be so much cheaper.
I was also thinking I might like to get a jacket that had a zipper on the bottom, for attaching to leather pants, for whenever I finally decide to start racing, but I guess that I can get a full set of leathers when that time comes. I'm not opposed to a used jacket, as long as it's good quality and looks good. Any suggestions (or anyone have a cool old jacket they want to sell, I'm 6'2", 42" chest)? Thanks, Jimmy
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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