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leather weight

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OK, so I am losing weight. Gonna try and get down to 187-190. My Van son leathers weigh a ton (I'll weigh them later). They're a size 52, I am 6 foot 2 inches.

so what are the lightest, safest leathers out there? The Vanson seem like overkill sometimes, they are so heavy. And I'm not going to crash going 200 mph on the straight.

lighter evil
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yeah, what he said. i've had my v-sons for so long that the repair lady almost doesn't think they made them. she looks at every thing and says "we don't do this that way now". i got mine custom fit when i bought them and the fit is still spot on though i'm at the limit of the "expansion" room. (mostly raced bicycles back then so i carried a few less lbs). as JB said there is a comfort level with the security they offer. also, and real important, have had mine repaired at the track (for free) a couple of times. many of the other brands are a one trick pony and aren't so repairable. the road rash they display reminds me each time i put them on that this roadracing thing is dangerous (one tumble almost ended it all). keeps me in the proper frame of mind. and that's a good thing. but i must add "who is not in danger, he does not win."
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oh yeah? well mine weigh 10 lbs. must have rubbed off some leather somewhere along the line.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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