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leather weight

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OK, so I am losing weight. Gonna try and get down to 187-190. My Van son leathers weigh a ton (I'll weigh them later). They're a size 52, I am 6 foot 2 inches.

so what are the lightest, safest leathers out there? The Vanson seem like overkill sometimes, they are so heavy. And I'm not going to crash going 200 mph on the straight.

lighter evil
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thats why they are called "the club racers leathers" because they are that indestrucatable. other suits are lighter, but they dont last as long. ive had mine since ive started racing and it still feels good. although im fatter than ever now. no diet this spring. ive been looking at new leathers. spidi, a-stars, and the motogp leathers. kangaroo is nice, but its also like 3 times as expensive. i am sure vanson offers it. they must. kushitani is nice stuff. id love a syed suit. if cant come up with aything, ill probably get another vanson. or an a-star.

i talked to a guy last night who had an agv suit. it was a few years old and had been crashed a couple of times. he finally had a highside and landed on his head and shoulder. the imact was hard enough to split the seam at his shoulder. it ripped open and he slid down the track on his bare shoulder. he showed me the scar. it was pretty narley looking. i told him id buy another vanson suit or a syed no questions asked. but those "cheaper" suits arent made to last like the vansons. the other guy that was over has a motogp roo suit and he said hes had a few get offs and it looks great still.


1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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