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Leaving fuel in the tank

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What can happen if you leave fuel in the tank for about 5 months without starting the bike? Does this cause any issues?
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5 months, it should be fine.

should is the functioning word there.....if you do let it sit that long then what you should do is turn off the petcock and run the engine till it stops, runns out of feul in the carb then when you go to start it after storage turn the petcock on for a couple seconds turn it off and drain the carbs....that should do the trick....but use stabilizer it will only help...oh yeah if you leave a full tank then you will get less rust build up in the tank the more feul in there the better when it comes to keeping rust away....

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fuel is actually getting worse as far as longevity....i would let it sit no longer then 6 months and that is about it, with all the new additives it is just getting worse and worse....yellow mold in the carbs...yuck...the smell is the key you are right about that, i found that if you drain off a bunch and put some fresh stuff in there, that helped me this year after letting the cb350f sit for a long time....

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if the petcocks are off then there should be no damage but if they are not then the worst is probably dirty carbs.....not a big deal really....

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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