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I need a better brake lever and perch for my CB72. I think some of the lack of braking power ( I have V.Brake linings already)is from the perch itself flexing when I pull on the brakes. The old Hawk stuff was very lightweight. Has anyone used any modern dirtbike stuff, like those folding levers, etc? Most ones I saw are for disk brakes and if I use a clutch one upside down the lever will fold the wrong way. I did see one for an XR50 minibike that was a drum so maybe that would work. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Chris
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the Suzuki waterbuffalo frontbrakedrum has one thing wrong with it
( besides the weight ) and that is that it uses a pushrod to actuate
the second brake shoe . a pushrod bends way easyer than a pullrod
so what you have to do is convert your pushrod setup to a pullrod
like Italian brakes ( Fontana and Ceriani )
if you do this your brake is way more solid
while your at it you might as well make some nice aluminum brake arms
just food for thought

have fun Eldert

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