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I need a better brake lever and perch for my CB72. I think some of the lack of braking power ( I have V.Brake linings already)is from the perch itself flexing when I pull on the brakes. The old Hawk stuff was very lightweight. Has anyone used any modern dirtbike stuff, like those folding levers, etc? Most ones I saw are for disk brakes and if I use a clutch one upside down the lever will fold the wrong way. I did see one for an XR50 minibike that was a drum so maybe that would work. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Chris
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I use Magura perches and levers I get from a guy off ebay. About $28 for a lever and perch I think. Don't care that much for the shape of the levers...they are dirt bike style..too far from the clip-on. I tap and thread a 5mm socket head into the brake light boss and use that to limit the forward travel of the lever...moving it back to a spot I like. Nice quality...bend instead of break.
I'm with Chris...I like a very rigid brake setup...when I feel the lever start to tense up I want very little movement before it comes to a stop.

Joe, have you had the shoes arc'd to match the drum...lots of play in most systems comes from that area, or from mal-adjusted link rods.

Chris...this is the levers I get and the same guy I get them from:

I usually replace the OEM phillips screws with some socket head SS screws...helps to get them tighter.
Several times I've thought about trying to make the broach. Thought maybe I could mill a sharp edge on a stock cam....maybe heat and quench...then maybe it would carve out the splines in alloy with the right size hole.
Also thought of maybe taking a slitting wheel and using it to cut the splines in a piece of water hardening drill rod in a rotary table, then hardening and using that as a broach.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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