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looking for a roller starter

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Ive got a 5.5 hp Honda Engine from a water pump, plus an unused automatic clutch from a go-kart laying around, I fancy making one, but just dont have the time I might get Junior to make one in his school holidays as a project.
Hardest bike to start I have ever had was a husaberg it was use in single cyclinder racing when we could get it going. We could only start it on car powered rollers with two heavy weights draped over the seat.[/QUOTE]

I broke a kick start lever on mine and had to get a pair of marshalls push me while I dropped the clutch in 3rd, keeping the decompressor in until it started to fire. It kicked back and shot the lever up so hard, it snapped the lever once it hit the stop on the casing!
I like this thread as I could do with a roller starter. My right ankle aches after kicking up nowadays.
Rob, I think your supplier has one listed on EBay now for £225 plus postage. I've got a decent Honda engine laying around that I would want to use.
My teenage son needs an engineering project for school, so his challenge is to design and make a paddock starter. I'm onto something I reckon, child labour and school machine shop time being free.

Basis is to use what I have laying around, which is a 3.5hp (might be a 4.5) Honda engine, centrifugal clutch, go kart rear wheel / tyre. Steel stock I'll buy as it can't be a Scrap heap challenge looking thing.

lets see if a kid can make one.
Junior set about making a paddock starter today. I'll post some pics when he's finished welding the frame up, but it's not bad so far.

Finished thing will be along the lines of this......

Vehicle Car City car Automotive exterior Auto part
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Needs to machine the spindle and make plates for the bearings and engine now. Frame is 30mm x 3mm steel tube.


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1 - 8 of 122 Posts
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