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looking for a roller starter

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There is a parts list/instructions for one on ebay in the UK......
I know nothing more about it than that its available but it seems fairly similar to this one I bought also on ebay which costs £250 less the motor.....I used one made in 1940 that I had lying around! Have had the thing for a couple of years, no problems at all and it starts anything! Was a bit dubious about the boat keel rollers at first but they've been fine too....
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Take your point plugging it in but its wired to a plug that fits the outdoor sockets at the campsite..... I do have a 12v motor for it as well but find it gets very hot after a couple of minutes whilst the mains one can happily run for 20 minutes or more, after a rebuild its quite reassuring to run the bike with the plugs out just to check I haven't done anything stupid!!
Same reason I bought mine Mark.....was going to make one but saw the one in the pic on ebay for £250 so didn't bother...and got a discount for cash too! Have had it for a couple of years and no problems at all with it....and it'll start anything!He doesn't advertise very often, just makes a batch now and then but can dig out his number if you're interested. Price doesn't include the motor though he can supply them.....I used ones I had....but he did machine sprockets for both and didn't charge anything!
Its similar Mark but not the same Jalsteve says the lack of side guards would be a concern but that said on mine the V shaped rollers do keep the wheel central, I did a full rebuild of my Tribsa in the spring and used it as a sort of amateur rolling road, running the bike without plugs for a good 20 sat there quite happily....and got up to 40 on the speedo! Agreed, it is heavy though, since pic on previous page I've added small castors to the back face.
This is the one Mark saw I think....
Motorcycle Roller Starter - Bump Starter - Race Paddock Workshop Starter | eBay
But the one I bought.....picture on previous page .... comes from a retired engineer who makes a batch of them now and then and then sells them on ebay but doesn't have any advertised at present....
1 - 5 of 122 Posts
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