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looking for a roller starter

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Looking forward to watching the progress!
Nope, not a business at all. If it becomes a business I will stop building the starters.
Just a thought...If you (or anyone) can put together a reasonable parts list with instructions, that alone could be valuable. People may pay meagerly for this. If you purchase said parts list (in bulk) and offer to sell a kit with instructions I think you could at least make cycling money. Maybe one kit with all the heavy stuff at a higher price and higher shipping, and one kit with the heavy, non-machining stuff left out (to be purchased locally)?

Your time IS worth something and you can charge for it.
^ It'd be really nice to have a starter that is just a bit smaller and lighter than an actual Ford Ranger and 6' rollers.
You may be going about this all wrong:
His site says $825 + shipping from Houston. Prolly $100 anywhere in U.S? (He's making a killing on eBay)
So he must build these for $600-650ea? Sounds like solid mechanicals and materials.
1 - 6 of 122 Posts
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