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looking for a roller starter

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I have made my 38 different starters using 13-1/2 inch between roller centers and the wheel fits nicely, dropping down between the rollers. Please note that my rear roller is higher than most others.

Recently I have shortened my frame size by 7/8 inches so my starters fit better in an 18 inch shipping box.
I tried starting my bike with the new center line to center line distance of 12-5/8 inches and the wheel now almost wants to roll forward onto the ramp. Almost, but not quite.

So that was my reason for suggesting 13 to 13-1/2 inches.
Since it all depends on where you locate your rollers, you need to consider this when you choose a center line dimension, as well as the elevation of the rollers.
Just something I learned the hard way.
Are you still building paddock starters and what is the price if you are still building them
1 - 1 of 122 Posts
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