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Looking for a tank pad to protect the tank against my pants/buckle, which looks vintage and cool.

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I have a cafe racer. When I'm leaned over to reach the bars, the zipper of my pants and sometimes my belt buckle touches the tank. I have some slick knee pads which protect where my jeans hit the sides of the tank, but nothing for where my zipper touches it. I can't find anything that doesn't belong on a modern transformer bike. Nothing with the right look.

I found this:

Font Metal Transparency Bumper Label

But apparently when I get on and off the bike my pants also push this around, and it's scratched my tank a little. Which is what I'm trying to avoid. (Nothing a little polish and a microfiber cloth can't fix, but I'm trying to protect the tank not preemptively ruin it). I want something that goes on with adhesive and doesn't attract metal filings (My bike lives in a machine shop)

Does anyone have an idea of something I could use which would look correct on a vintage styled cafe racer and still provide protection to the tank?


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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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