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Okay, so i am sorry to bug you guys so much, and i really appreciate all the help and responses you give.
I have a new problem.
I attempted to adjust my float level, until i got it where it
seemed right, and cleaned out my already clean jets (just in case)
and put the carbs back on the bike.
-i did this in an attempt to correct my backfire/ flooding problem-
-the carbs always seemed to be flooding and it would eventually case the bike to stop running-

the result?
- i put the carbs back on and the bike started, but it is really rough! and there doesn't seem to be any backfiring but instead
i get a horrbile loud knock/bang sound (not so much like a nice ping but more like a horrbile clank/scrape).
the spark plugs are new, and gapped according to spec.
the air filter is dirty, but not black or anything.

any suggestions / courses of action?
thanks again!

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Brent....assuming it wasn't knocking before...and assuming all you have done since you last talked to us is work on the carbs....sounds kinda like something fell into the intake and got sucked into the engine.
Once again this assumes it didn't have any mechanical problems before.

Easy enough to check this one...pull out the plugs...if one of the plugs is all beat to hell...then something got sucked into that cylinder. Normally this makes a rattling noise...not so much a scraping noise.
If this is the case....white smoke should start to issue from the exhaust very shortly.

Or could be the bike was broken before and just took time to show up.

Yes...basically I got no answers, I just enjoy typing.

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thanks for the help johnny.
i got it fixed.. i think it was just
crap (carbcleaner or something)
and it went away.

also finally fixed my backfiring issue
with the float adjustment.
even though i just kindof eyeballed
the level... i guess i have a very forgiving

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