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low buck sidecar

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I was just curious to see if this forum was open. Here is my sidecar I'm building to run at El Mirage dry lake in SoCal

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...whats that in the garage? Manx? Triton?.....
If you look at his other posts it is a norton with a speedway engine. Used to have a manx engine.
I'm not yelling at anyone, I'm just pointing out that y'all need to pay more attention to how you post pics here and you can't just cut and paste. It is frustrating for a lot of people when their pics don't show up. This board can't support a lot of the fancy code that some of the web hosting sites use.

If you haven't noticed I have been going through and editing the pic codes to try and make it look a little cleaner. I'm kind of playing around in this post to see what imageshack will allow and not allow.

but maybe I am coddling people too much. maybe they need to get frustrated so they figure out how to get the image to show.

on that note back to bike related:

one thing I will never understand about the US is how sidecar racing did not get popular here. Some of those side car rigs look way cool and the monkey moving about on the rig is such a neat looking thing to see.

I mean we race barstools in the country for cristsake yet we can;t get people to care about super fast bikes with huge slicks where there is a guy jumping around on it? go figure

nice rig BTW, you gonna try for a red hat?
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What's a red hat?
A red hat is what they give you when you set a new record above 200mph. It signifies membership in the 200mph club (which as you know gets harder to get into every year). You can't just run over 200mph on the salt, you have to actually set or break a record for it to count.
FR, No its still total loss. I have a catch tank underneath so as to not upset the BLM and all the tree huggers. For a speedway motor it sort of makes sense. Fresh oil all the time. For a road bike it makes no sense.

Geeto67, The minimum for a red hat 200 club in 3000cc streamliner is 340!!
It is a good thing you are running in a 500cc class where entry in the 200mph club is....200mph. not that the technology will get you there these days. What about an HD single conversion. I read about some 883 sporty motors that were converted to 500cc singles with a block off plate over the rear cylinder and an overbore. More speed parts, more modern design and metal, and it is still a pushrod engine.

3000cc is 3 liters. I know honda car motors that are smaller than that (1.6 and 1.8L) and capable of producing the power necessary to make that speed (turbo anyone). 3 liters is about 180 cubic inches.
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