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low buck sidecar

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I was just curious to see if this forum was open. Here is my sidecar I'm building to run at El Mirage dry lake in SoCal

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What's the elevation at El Mirage? I am never that impressed by the numbers at Bonneville because of the elevation. A friend of mine emailed me to say the he hit 98mph at Bonneville on his Bridgestone 175 roadracer. Shit, that thing does 120 down the back stretch at Daytona. It'd be nice if they could find a place to run spedd records neaer to sea level where the air is nice and thick.

I raced sidecars with the USCRA for years and love them. It's kind of a crazy fusion between car and motorcycle. They slide like a car when cornering into the third wheel, and corner like bike going away from it. BTW, when the third wheel is on the inside, the only way to do speed and keep the wheel down, unless your passenger is Little Huey (and then you've got other problems), is to open the throttle all the way up to keep the rear wheel from hooking up and high siding the rig.

Love your car, and that Speedway engine is great. What do those things make, about 70hp? You running Alky? Always wanted a Speedway bike, be cool to run on the lake in the winter.

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