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low buck sidecar

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I was just curious to see if this forum was open. Here is my sidecar I'm building to run at El Mirage dry lake in SoCal

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Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the other forum and if Geeto wan't to yell at me fine. I'm a computer neaderthal and probably wouldn't understand what he was yelling at me.

FR, The motor is another Weslake 500 single. Pushrod, not OHC, don't know the exact year. I bought it as a spare for my Norton. The sidecar has been rattling around in my head for a good while. A brief description: 3"x1" rect. tubing for the frame. 110" wheelbase, Norton AMC trans but it will be changed for an old laid down as soon as I get it back together. The front wheel is off an Austin Mini and the forks are cut down Kawasaki. The back wheel is a Triump and it is held up by a cut up BSA swing arm. It has a body. But its mainly to duct air across the motor. Tried to make it swoopy. Bit rough but it may work.

Last year it was supposed to be ready for El Mirage dry lake but wasn't. I put the motor in the Norton to see how it would run. In Sept. it ran 124.900 so I'm not unhappy with it. I run VP C12 race gas. 14:1 comp., 35 deg. fixed advance and a 45mm Mikuni carb.

It will be ready for May and hopefully it will run as fast as above. I know its not a cafe racer but it is a racer(maybe).

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Sorry. But some of us find putting a bike together a whole lot easier than posting pics. And some of us stumble along as best we can. That includes building bikes. I am a computer neanderthal but I am working my way up to becoming a computer cro-magnon. Maybe if I insure the bikes with Geico I'll get better.

I'm not going for a red hat with this one. The sidecar class has been pretty much ignored. Mine is going to be running in the pushrod gas class. Considering the Bonneville class 500 SC/PG is 98 mph and the El Mirage record for the same class is 101 I seriousy doubt a red hat is on the horizon. I'm hoping for 130 out of this motor. That is if I get everything right.
FR, No its still total loss. I have a catch tank underneath so as to not upset the BLM and all the tree huggers. For a speedway motor it sort of makes sense. Fresh oil all the time. For a road bike it makes no sense.

Geeto67, The minimum for a red hat 200 club in 3000cc streamliner is 340!!
Interesting comment. Keenan Tatro of San Diego Roadsters has a 500 single made from a Sporty. He uses the rear cylinder though. He holds the record at El Mirage at 126.674 and the pushrod fuel record at 147. He went through a lot of motors to get that 147 record. He also holds anumber of records at Bonneville.
El Mirage is about 2400 ft. We run May to November (except August). The air tends to be very dry and a bit thin. And we are running on dirt. The lakebed can vary geatly from year to year. This winter we have had very little rain and no one is expecting a great surface. Plus we are running with cars and they tend to chew up the surface pretty good.
I'm running VP C12 race gas. 108 octane and has a great kick. I was supposed to have the sidecar ready last year but didn't. I put the motor in my Norton to check it out and make sure I had put it together right. Its best run was 124.900. Today I have to mount the battery and it should fire up. Hopefully. Maybe. Then its finish up the alterations to the body and away we go. Heres a pic of the Norton with the sidecar motor at 125.

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