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Wow, that's a big motorcycle. Anyways, I'm asking $1500 for it. I've used it in three giro's, and it runs very strong, really is quite comfortable, and even comes with the famous bicycle speedo already on it which performs a bunch of functions, the most important one being mileage (cause' the turns come at certain mileage's). The bike is well sorted with new Vintage Brakes in the front and new rubber on both ends. It does need a coil, but I will replace that (the old one cuts one cylinder out after around 20 miles, the only problem I've had with it). I've watched these bikes go for $2000 on ebay and if nobody's interested, or maybe nobody wants to spend that much (but in the end, you will spend that much if not more), I will sell it there. Cosmetically, it's not perfect, the seat has a crack in it, the paint is a little faded, the chrome on the gas tank has some crinkle as all these tanks do, but overall it's in pretty good shape for a 1969 motorcycle (qualifies for the giro under "like-type")

For $2000, I'll include all my Bridgestone stuff which is considerable. I have several engines, a freshly rebuilt crank, new piston and rod sets, a set of good barrels (they're chromed barrels), NOS point sets, manuals, wheels, and so on. The crank is worth $350 to $400 all by itself.

These 175's are very strong bikes for their size. The X-6 Hustlers and Bultaco Metralla's can only slowly get away from me, nobody else can. This has been an ideal giro bike that works well on both pavement and dirt sections, equally. I'm selling it as I have a 58' Triumph Cub that I want to run for a few years for something different.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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