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hey a thread a while back were asking for stickers and they are like tee shirts you have to buy a lot and then sell alot to make it worth it ........Well you can ont keep a do-it yourselfer down .

If you go to staples or any other office supply store look for U-Create It paper, they have sticker paper you can get very inexpencively and just copy the logo here and print it to the paper then cut it out and stick on your tool box or bumper or forehead and walla sticker!!! whats cooler then that, they also have magnetic back paper which is fine for refridge or tool box put they wont stick to a steel gas tank the magnets not the strong ever the sticker will stick very well.

and if you have a art program you can add some color but black and white works well

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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