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just thought i'd post this myself and see if it works. i'd have done it sooner but i thought i'd need to be an admin for it to post.

all i own are hondas hence some of these links are exclusively honda but not all of them.


unfortuanaly it seems this ftp site has finally gone down but i am posting it anyway in hopes that it will come back up because it has been the most useful to me. it has manuals for many brands and models including expensive or hard to find shop manuals. cross your fingers before clicking

this site also has manuals for many different brands, the catch is that you have to fill out a small amount of demographic info which you can fib if you want. i have never received any spam or shit from this site. unless you make a donation it will only allow you to download 2 pdfs before making you sit through a waiting period.

wiring diagrams:

parts fiche:

honda parts codes:

thats all i gots...

...connoisseur of slack...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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