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Been awhile since I logged in over here, but my last build was a 500 Triumph Bobber and that isn't really your poison. That's done, and it's sweet, but now onto something new.

I went to the National Antique Motorcycle Meet down in Rhinebeck a couple of weeks ago. My buddy, Brian Carrol was there selling off all his old project bikes, and I bought a G80 off him. The engine is all rebuilt, it has a Dunstall tank and seat on it, the frame is rebuilt and painted, and he was at one time going to race it. I no longer race, but I thought it'd make a good street cafe project.

I've heard those single down tube frames are nothing great, so I'm picking up a featherbed for it, going with an alloy gas/oil tank, later Triumph front end and I'll use the conical 71/72 hubs on both ends, but I'll put a 68' backing plate with a spacer in that front hub as I don't like that squeeze the cable set-up that came with those. I've got the shouldered rims on Matchless wheels and I'll buy the spokes for the conicals and lace them up. This should be a fun project for next winter. Right now, I've got to gather gather gather!

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