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Just a quickie report for you vintage guys that did not show up. I signed up for cornerworking for Carl's first try at the "new" Hawk school. George and Kiyoko were there, and things ran a little differently. First we noticed that there were not as many riders as usual. Probably 40 bikes or so, maybe 45, and that included the instructors. Sometimes it seemed in several sessions there were more instructors out just riding than students.

Carl gave a track walk first instead of the usual classroom instruction.

It was a slow start, as there were a couple of ambulance calls, and the new folks running the school had never had to get things like the PA system plugged in and working. There was confusion on the flagging, as the new guys wanted to use just the red flag, and then changed it to a checkered. So basically no flags were used, just when there was an incident.

Bruce was there, Henry, and a few other vintage guys, Camelhairy. I have to hand it to Frank. He was REALLY NICE and spent most of his time riding with people who wanted to have someone to ride with regardless of how fast they were. He spent most of his time with a young woman (HAHA) who was a newbie on a RS125, going at half speed the whole time. As Zack was not there (where were you) Frank was the only instructor that seemed interested in guiding the slower vintage folks and the fast new slow guys.

A note. McCallister gives a $50.00 credit towards a track day if you cornerwork.

The afternoon session went well, A, B, and C groups going out every 15-20 minutes.

that's about it.

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