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Mid Ohio?

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Anyone going?

I'm going for the first time this year.
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I'll be racing my CL175.
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what pit are you in?
No idea. Road racing. Are there assigned spaces or is it first come first served? I'm running #187.
I'm cheap, so we'll be in the general pits. I'll be easy to spot. I have a Hi-Point trailer wrapped with the RipIt Energy Drink graphics.
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How was the racing at Mid Ohio? it looks like a great track, fast and wide on YouTube vids.
It’s one of those tracks I would like to travel to.
I like the layout of the track. There are some rough spots from the cars and a portion of the track that is shiney and polished. Almost looks like glass.
Practice on Friday was great. I was race 3 on Saturday and the track was dry. A little nerve-racking because some of the patched sections are right in the middle of the racing line, but it was a lot of fun.
Started raining during race 7 and that shiney surface turned to ice. 7 guys went down and the race was red flagged. They ended up cancelling half the races on Saturday due to incoming storms.
They tried running them Sunday morning before lunch, but I believe it started raining again and they ended up cancelling. We left early Sunday because my race got pushed back and I wanted to get
home at a reasonable time.

The AMA rep said they were in negotiations with Mid-O to resurface the track and hoped something would happen in the next year.

I'd go back, but would stay off the track if it was wet.

As an event, it's definitely worth the trip. It's like Barber but less rules and less refined.
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