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Just ironing out the carb set up and looking for some pointers .New build
Virago 920 frame 1000cc motor
KJS Aluminum 2 into 1 intake ( no leaks )
Mikuni HD40 Carb good shape 20 ish yrs old came in the box’s of parts
Mad 2 into 1 into 2 free flowing exhaust
Just looking for some one that has been down this road , you know the Carb whisper guy that has oil for blood ?
needle clip setting
Main jet sizing
Pilot jet/air/screw set up / settings
Snow is just melting and got a few runs around the block , less than ideal to set up on spark plug results but they are dry sooty black with a little gray at the ceramic tip start under the tip .Too much
Snow and road crap for a good steady HY rip to really get a good idea .
I have the tuning Manual and been wrenching on bikes for 30 yrs just looking to save a little front end tuning time , looks like this carb was a Harley application back in the day and I have a feeling it was never tuned otherwise.
Started with moving the clip up 2 notches on the needle it was 2nd from the bottom , Plugs look a hell of a lot better so far can’t wait for a HY run


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