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Mod'ing '77 750k into a partial CR750

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Greetings all:

I posted this earlier today in greenspun & thoguht that I post it here as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. happy motoring!


I bought a 1977 Honda CB 750k Four. It is my first bike & I am VERY pleased so far. I'd like to modify it a bit I would like you feedback regarding these issues below:

(1) I'd like to install dual disc brakes in the front. Was there a factory dual disc set up that was available for '77? If it is available for another year other than '77, can I use it on my '77? Would a drum be better?

(2) I'd like to use an oil tank from an earlier year because I'd like to install side panels from an earlier year. The style & badges on the earlier side panels look more aesthetically pleasing than the '77 side panels.

(3) I'd like to exchange the forks on my bike with those on an earlier one. I'd like to have the rubber fork guards on my new forks. What issues am I faced with changing an older year fork set for an earlier one? Keep in mind that I'd like to use dual discs on the front brake.

(4) What options do I have for improving or installing a better rear brake (larger drum?) setup?

(5) I've been thinking about using a bore kit on the engine. I will be commuting minimally during the week (it will be mostly a weekend/night rider). If I bore out the motor, will I have to do more maintainance than if I just keep the engine stock?

I do not plan on racing my bike so I plan on restoring it as much as possible with my VERY limited budget.

I plan on ordering a tank rear fender set from Airtech(?) that resembles the CR750s of '69 & '70.

Basically, I'd like my end result to look similar to these BEAUTIFUL machines: (I want the same tank/rear fender setup, but I will omit the front fairing w/ the "970" on it)

Thank you very much for taking you time out to read this post. I am a novice & only can add/change oil & a few other minor repairs now, but with your assistance, I will one day have the bike of my dreams. Any and all constructive advise is much appreciated. I await your responses. Thanks in advance again! Ride safe & hard!


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(1)There is no special kit for dual disc. You just get a second disc, banjo bolt, and caliper. Remove the speedo drive from your front wheel and everything will fit prefect, there is already a mounting spot on the other front fork for this.

(2)Oil tank. I agree one from an earlier year looks much better, and will bolt right up.

(3)You forks are the same. You need to buy some gators, remove the forks from the trees, and slide the gators on.

(4)I presonally would leave the drum on the rear, it has plenty of stopping power, and with the dual disc you will need it even less.

(5)(a)Honda fours are very low maintenance motorcycles, (b)Big bore kits are a great way to get power, (c)there is always maintenance on any bike, (d)but if its tuned properly it shouldn't be any more maintenance than stock. I would definately do it
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