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so yesterday our buddy ross invites me up to their shop to race xr50s around the parking lot in front of the shop. he says bring the 100, we'll have fun. so i grab a helmet, my jacket, some gloves and take off. we get there and they are fixing flat tires, and bending shit back into place. they have a little course set up and marked out with take offs. so patric and i watch for a while and it looks like fun. i hop on one, no ive never ridden one, i thought they always looked totally gay, but it was fun buzzing around at full speed. so i finally throw on some old leathers they had lying around, and start running aorund the xr100. man, you can really slide those things on pavement with knobbies. i could spin the rear wheel around the corners. and the front just slides. anyway, i hop on the 50 and start running around with the other guys. we're getting faster and faster. losing the front, then losing the rear, draggin your knee and just trying to not crash. we had 4 of them going at the same time at points. all stock except for front ends. it was a blast. totally dumb, but lots of fun. and they are plenty fast with 3 others out there. block passing, slamming the door on your buddy in corners. really fun. and you get a little banged up, but its still fun. i almost destroyed a pair of shoes and those leathers definitely have a few more good scrapes on them. i know it looks dumb, but if anyone ever invites you to do it, give it a try. its pretty fun. and those things wheelie like crazy!


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