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Ive been searching for info on these but all the stuff on Benelli is either the pre wwII small displacement bikes or the 70s and later large displacement bikes.

Im specifically looking for technical info. Fixing them, getting more power, specs etc etc..

Edit: really shoulda put this in the technical forum... my bad.

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well your best bet is still the first link:

ferruchio "uch" giannini knows his way around italian singles. never raced a vert benelli, however he had his hands in a couple of hortizontal "egg" motobis/benellis. he used to consult for cosmopolitan motors too, so he knows/knew what was available. "uch" will charge you a minimum of $1000.00 to do your motor. he is a very competant builder, so you might want to give him a shout, and tell him you spoke to tex mawby.

cosmopolitan motors "" has no more tuners working there. the last great tuner they had there was joe rotini, but little larry wise (the founders son), fired/laid him off when he asked for a raise. rotini developed a speed kit for the 250ss egg motor (cam, piston, carb) that let the egg motor "ton up." rotini was the tuner that prepped their daytona podium parillas, cosmo has a truck driver/ex-carny running them. it will be great when they bulldoze the entire building for earnest wise's legacy has been bankrurpted by his idiot son for some time now.

you might consider contacting michael moore thru his eurospares site seeing that you are a left coaster. i'm sure he can turn you onto a good speed shop, or wrench.

i'd say with any motor, that some mild porting by a competant tuner, bigger carb, and fresh piston (1mm over) and rings would definately pep that thing up. the full motobi race fairing i have in my basement wouldn't hurt either (sorry, it's not for sale), but there is always ebay.

good luck!

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