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more honda 175 only talk

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JohnnyB What size carbs are on Marys 175? Or- if stock 20mm will only accept 102 mains(on my bike) before they are entirely too rich can you move up a carb size to allow more air as well?

JD is your motor stock 175 internally too?
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I don't know nothing about no lingus but the "F" is not the middle initial my parents gave me. The top tube of my raceing bicycle was personalized with billyfuckindouglas quite a while ago.

I'd be interested in the intake kit. I do have a set of those 24's collecting dust in the basement. Anyone else need a set so we can coax JohnnyB to make some? Anyone?
OK I'll buy 2 sets if I have to
that brake stay looks dead sexy

perhaps JB can start his own 'Screaming Eagle' style of performance catalogue. Maybe 'Upset flightless water fowl' or something similar. That's up to the focus groups and marketing dept.
I'll order a couple of sets.
I want to mount the sl350 carbs to vert heads. 1 set is to screw up and the 2nd is for mounting.
The 12 springs I measured were 27-28 mm. I just picked the 4 longest ones.
Putting washers under the springs just seemed to make it bind up.
I put washers under the springs on my 350 and it has worked great for a couple of seasons. It does get tiring at the end of a longer track day session but has never slipped.

I was concerned the 175 clutch would slip because the springs were beyond the replace wear limit in the book even though the plates had enough thickness.
When I'm not sure I try to imagine what Smokey Yunick would say and it's usually " just ride that sum bitch" and I smack myself in the ear like he would have. He's usually right.
The 1st clutch basket I used was loose- the aluminum part rattled on the steel gears. The rivets couldn't be staked to tighten it up. I thought at first that one may have been exceptionally abused or not up to the job. I did dress quite a lot of chatter marks on the "fingers" before realizing it was loose.
Perhaps this one was just a one off problem
I just want to say how exceptional it is that so much advice/help and hard earned knowledge is offered up to everyone here. Most racers aren't going to tell the people they grid up with all the right stuff and make it that much harder once the flag drops.
I'm not trying to redirect the thread, this seems the most appropriate place to say this.
1 - 9 of 93 Posts
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