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more honda 175 only talk

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JohnnyB What size carbs are on Marys 175? Or- if stock 20mm will only accept 102 mains(on my bike) before they are entirely too rich can you move up a carb size to allow more air as well?

JD is your motor stock 175 internally too?
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only modification is it's bored to 19?cc. oh, and for next year I hired Mighty Mouse to run on the wheel. watch out!
Bill Fucking Douglas (hehe, every time I see your initials that's what I think of),
haahaa, me too. all because of the BFI (Big Fucking Indian) in Freeport. and because I used to use JfuckingD as my name in quake.

oh yeah bikes, I'll be using larger carbs this year. ala aaron phinney, master tuner of japanese bikes with amal carbs.
1 - 2 of 93 Posts
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