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more honda 175 only talk

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JohnnyB What size carbs are on Marys 175? Or- if stock 20mm will only accept 102 mains(on my bike) before they are entirely too rich can you move up a carb size to allow more air as well?

JD is your motor stock 175 internally too?
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I'll order a couple of sets.
I'd take two sets. cheap money.
Do you guys want the cylinderhead side, or the SL350 carb side?

Remember...that's $8 for each flange...or $16 a set, or $32 for two sets. Just don't want to be accused of ripping off any suckers...err..customers.

And...that's flanges only you know. Not complete intakes as shown in the photo.

Obviously I'm suspicious of the response... I must have done something wrong.
I want to mount the sl350 carbs to vert heads. 1 set is to screw up and the 2nd is for mounting.
JB, I'm gonna stick with the Sloper head and put on the Keihin PE25 carbs. Does that make sense to you. (not the combination, I don wanna hear bout it) just does which flange I need. one set is to screw up with....

Sloper and vertical head flanges are the same BEFORE you make the intake...the mounting bolts on the two types of engines are at a different while the same flange fits both engines... the intake once constructed will not interchange because it will cant the manifold in an odd way... Aaron is familiar with the process.

Jeez, I'm going to have to put a page and assign part numbers to keep things straight.

Bill, in your case you will probably want both the head flanges and the carb side flanges. Now your up to 8 freakin flanges if you want to make two sets of intakes. That's $64 M'f'in dollars.... I guess I could cut you some slack on a volume order like that. Remember, you have to mill off the little spigot on the SL350 carbs to bolt them to a flange ( I will do this for free for anyone that wants to send me their carbs). This setup is very cool, absolutely sanitary, no clamps, hoses or crap, bolt up flanges on both ends.

I assume you mean PE24's? They spigot mount so you'd just need engine side flanges. I think they'd be a decent carb on a sloper, might be just a tad large but certainly doable and good for future mods. They are a tad small for an all out 209cc engine, but I like'm a tad small.

I'll put up a page in the next day or so with good pics of the parts and some kind of part numbers. I'll try to get the order out in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for the orders bro's.

Edited by - jbranson on Dec 01 2004 3:47:29 PM
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you could just go out and get a stock Ducati Mach1 with the race kit and forget about trying to reinvent the damn thing!!!!

Yup, typo was pe24. I want to stick with the sloper so I can stick with the exhaust I have. And yes, i know about the angles. i'll either adapt the manifolds I have OR I'll bend the manifolds differently before selding to make sure it all goes together.

so due to the spigot mounting I'll take a total of 4, which would mean an extra 2 to screw up with.
Champ, it's more fun to make parts and machine thingys than it is to just look at the damn thing all winter. Hope you're in good health. You oughtta ride one of these things in the spring.

I'll have a web page up in a day or so. With pixs, descriptions and part numbers. I'll get you guys to email me personally with your requests so I can keep track of it.

Or... you can get a 250 Duc and I can outrun you like I do the two other Johnny's...being Bravo and Ruffo.

Johnny (Duc Killer) B.
There are actually 2 Duck Hunting shirts in exsistance. The Ducati in the picture is a little red one with green number plates that say 58. I will be producing them in quantity for next season. There quite funny.

Branson you don't have to weld mine if you don't want and you can charge the normal amount. My head for next season is not set in stone but I'm pretty sure I will be using a vert head.

Oh yeah... Don't make fun of Johns bike. Its not its fault its the rider. I'm really looking forward to seeing you at Mid-Ohio John.

Aaron....I don't have to weld your what?

Intakes, you don't have to weld my intakes. If your already doing them, go for it. I was just trying to save you some time.

hery aaron, you know you can take a lap of laguana for like 25 bikes while youre there. im assuming if youre going to mid o, you'll be hauling your bike out west with you. man, you taking like a month off or what?? youre going to have to leave laguna, and go right to mid o. wow, racing overload dude. are you thinking about vir? since im not going to laguna, i might try and make mid o. my bikes not competative in ahrma though. hmmm.....

Yo, Mr Branson, this may be a dumb question, but, did you make the round aluminum exhaust flanges that appear in your photo of the exhaust on the bike on page 2? Are they in fact loominum? They're pretty cool, I must say. I've seen similar pieces on some brit bikes (which, by the way, I don't unnerstand how they stay on, since there's no through stud or bolt into the head, maybe just british craftmanship). In any case, since you're hawking (hocking?) your flanges, what would one'o them gofer?


Aaron there seems to be some misconception on your part. I'm not selling intake manifolds....just the flanges.... so there's nothing really to weld on your "flanges"... unless you wanted them freakin welded together, or to your nuts or something.

Those brit exhaust flanges are threaded and go on like a pipe cap or something would. The flanges in the pics are aluminum, but unless I came up with an easier way to make them it really wouldn't be cost effective for me to sell them... unless of course someone wants to pay something stupid like $140 for a pair. They are carved out of some pretty big chunks of solid aluminum and it's done on manual machines so I probably have about six hours into make a pair of them. Plus they are just plain a pain in the ass. The process would be simplied greatly if I could find alloy TUBE with the right ID and OD but so far I can't. At some point I hope to come up with a better design that's easier, cheaper...and well...better. You'll hear about it here if I do....thanks for asking anyway.
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Yeah don't weld them together, I need one for each instake. I'm funny, I didn't read all the words. I just looked at the pictures and some of the words and put together a sentence I liked.

That's kinda like what I do when I ask chicks out and they say No. I make up my own answer (usually Yes) and take them out anyway.
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