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The tyres are not mine, also I’m in south-east Asia where the quality isn’t as high but for what I use my stuff it works great. Everything in the States and Europe is way over priced for bike parts. Everybody is getting ripped on. I’m not on a race track so why by super expensive tyres? They work rain or shine and have had no problems as of yet…I’ll change mine when they need changing no problems. Sounds like your sold on advertising…

"Sounds like your sold on advertising", LOL. From here it "sounds like" you don't know how quality and price are often related. There are a lot of tire options available between the clown shoes you posted and slicks. Any modern road tire would be better than the over sized trailer tire they used on your example.
There is no argument to be had here, the tire in your example is not for road use. It probably says that on the tire, it certainly does on the ones sold here.

Your introduction said "looking for knowledge", is that social media type knowledge? The kind of knowledge that suits your thinking OR are you seeking useful knowledge? Words of wisdom that will help you put together motorcycles that function well and stand out in a crowd.

You will find lots of advice here but it will focus on the function of the bike until it has been maximized and then the styling will be completed. Provided it doesn't compromise the ride.
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