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More spokes!!!!!!

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What up!

So I’m only a few years in to customising bikes and learning more everyday. I encountered something new to me just recently and was wondering what needs to be done to fulfil this kind of “mod” if you will. Im talking about increasing the number of spokes for that more “classic” look. I’ve obviously had the thought of drilling the hubs and rims to increase the spokage but was wondering if there’s an easy way to go about it…like a less mad max way.
I will enclose a photo of what I mean, is there a place I can purchase rims and hubs with more spoke holes? Is that a thing?

Thanks in advance!
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AFAIK, the 1983 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special is the easiest to get rims and spokes for.
Maybe you should take a look at that before spending a ton on custom hubs and rims?
Many people who know how to build wheels have had a few issues with them and they are 'only' 64 (F) and 48 (R) compared to the 36/36 spokes of 'stock' bikes
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