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morris 7 spoke al cast wheel 19x2.15

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darn good condition straight and true no dings ,dents or cracks
center bore and faces for carriers perfect
has only minor scratches on bare outer edge could be easily cleaned up and polished no booshit
i don't have the bearing carriers sandy kosman can do that
weighs 9.86lbs
$80 + the ride $90 + the ride if paypaled wi Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Auto part
Alloy wheel Rim Spoke Wheel Auto part
Auto part Rim Wheel Automotive wheel system Spoke
Synthetic rubber Tire Automotive wheel system Automotive tire Auto part
Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Auto part Spoke
Rim Tire Wheel Automotive tire Auto part
th fees
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How do you ship a wheel like that for $10? Like say to Miami?

I have one of those too with the carriers and bearings. Harley used Morris for a short time in the '70's.
my words got split up big
i was trying to say basically 10 off if paypaled without fees on my end
thats all 80 or 90 plus shipping
used to be like 20 bucks ground clear across the usa
shipping has gotten out of hand i use fedex grnd for this stuff best bang for the buck once you get in this size area you gotta be sure and slim package shit, balloon rates lurk
usps parcel neglect ,what used to be parcel post ,is worse than ever and high enuff to hunt duck with a rake
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Try Bus Parcel Express, can't get much cheaper then that and it will get there in one piece
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i have used greyhound a fine reasonable service ,esp for the xlarge shit like frames
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