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here are a couple of caferacers in action:

bill and roger at mosport...roger giving bill bunny ears

bill and roger (middle car) being chased by the whittakers

jerseygirl and her factory mechanic at NHMS

jerseygirl with one lap to go, LRRS femmoto race

jerseygirl takes the checkered, LRRS femmoto race

tt decimating the field in FCB, t3

jenn ross just after the crash, mr. rosko in t3

best race of the day, IMHO (lonewolf, dirty pete, & clancypants), t3 FCB

more of the battle for third place

and the outcome, 3rd & 4th FCB (where's the wolf)...special appearance from the "other" #61 mr. parks

rainbow lightning warrior in t3

jenn ross aftermath

sotoman's FCB swingarm aftermath


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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