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Moto Guzzi??

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I have a guy interested in buying my HD Sportster, so I am thinking about buying a Moto Guzzi or BMW. I will not cafe the bike as the objective is to have something my wife will ride on with me. Saying that, I would love the Guzzi Lemans. I remember my uncle had a early 70's Eldorado that he and his rather plump wife road all over the country. It was the first bike I rode at over 100mph. Rock steady.

The wife likes Gold Wings, but I am not old enough for one of those yet! My brother has a HD Geezer Glide that she liked sitting on, but they are mucho dinero and I don't have any tattos anyway.

Sooo, is anyone here familar with the bikes to offer some advice as to models, etc. Maybe someone here even has one for sale? I do not know a lot about either--I really like the looks of the pre 69 BMW,s but they are more collector than rider bikes, and very pricey. I like the 70's style Guzzi, but I don't want the right side shift.

Please tell me what you know about the Bimmers and Guzzis--reccomendations, problems, etc.

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Thanks for the imput so far! Actually my wife is very understanding about the motorcycle disease, but I have 8 and the only one even remotely comfortable for the two of us is the Sportster with the fat butt special seat. But the shocks bottom out all the time two up,heck, they bottom out with just me quite often. Stronger shocks could help that problem, but the sporty just isn't comfortable for two "mature american sized" folks.

We used to ride all over on a Yamaha SR500, then a XS650....but that was 25 years and 150 pounds ago.

Please keep the info coming.
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