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Moto Mechanics Class- NYC/BKLN

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Most of you guys are way beyond this
but for newbies like me its a good start

Tom and Chris taught a Moto Maintenance and repair class
at Queens College one time when Armen took a break.
They are now offering a Private Advanced Motorcycle Mechanics class in
the month of October.

Here is the Scoop:
It will be 4 evening classes- 1x a week for 3 hours a class
Day to be determined
For people who didnt take the intro class or who are totally new to
working on their own bikes,
the first class will cover the Basics
Routine Maintenance, tune ups, oil changes, winterization, suspension

From there they will do more advanced repair work
and will cover pretty much whatever people want to learn.
So if you are interested in the class
please shoot me a note about what you specifically want to work on
so they can design the class to cover what we are there to learn.
Transmission, Clutch repair, Electrical work, Brakes, Valves, Points,
I want to learn about Carb rebuild and Top End rebuild
along with more of everything.

The location is still TBD and may be at a few different shops
in Brooklyn and possibly the city.

The cost is $300 per person
This is a Private Class
Just for your own ability to do more of your own wrenching.
Not for any kind of certificate or anything.

It is hard to find an opportunity like this and I am pretty psyched
that they are finally doing it.
They are great teachers and are very clear and patient.
Tom used to work at Ducati Aprila in and now Chris is over there too
Chris also teaches Auto classes at Bronx College.

Anyway I hope that Some of you will be interested
I know I am
Drop me a line
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Nothing can replace having someone actually show you how something is done in person, hands on.
Bring a camera, take notes.
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