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not good:

quote: I just got off the phone with Karen, Doug's sister and the news is not good at all.

He is still in his coma and having seizures. He has developed pneumonia so they are trying to get the trach back in to help his lungs. They are having to do surgery to drain the fluid building up on his brain constantly. Karen says things do not look good for him.

The accident happened when he was going for routine bladder infection workup and the ramp was lowered to the ground and Doug backed his wheel chair out of the van and smacked his head on the steel ramp. The ramp was supposed to wait for Doug to wheel back onto it and then lower to the ground. He had multiple fractures and severed a vein from his brain to his neck. This has been going on for 16 days now and prognosis is not good at all.

For those of us that did not know what landed Doug in the wheel chair in the first place was that back in 1990. He was heavily into Tae Kwon Do and 2 guys about 6 ft tall and weighing 240 lbs landed on Doug and snapped him in half in a freak accident and drove his head and neck into the mat. Fortunately for Doug he was down the street from Cedar Sinae and at first they thought he would not make that, but Doug survived and kept on going.

Karen is very appreciated of the support this 2 Stroke forum is providing and is supporting us to make sure the Woodley Park Event happens. She has given Farel and myself and one other person (I do not know) permission to do what ever we can to make the show happen and to help generate money/donation that will go directly to Karen and Doug's family. I have her address and all proceeds and donations will go directly to her. She has pledged their family's support and wants us to let her know what they can do to help with the show. I want to know what else we can do for her and Doug and family. I will be bringing about 50 to 75 Bees Swarm T-Shirts to the show to sell and all profits will go to Doug. I will also be donating a XL 50th Anniversary Replica Jacket and Gloves to raffle off and all proceeds will go to Doug. What else can we do guys?

So guys, let's support Doug, by buying items meant to generate money to help his family. So you folks buying T-Shirts and such, please send an extra few dollars and lets just see how much we can provide to support this sport that Doug worked so hard to present to us. Farel and myself are collecting donations and selling items with all profits going to help Doug.

Will keep everyone posted and updated with Doug's condition.
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