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MotoGP from Motegi

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If Rossi can mess up and hit the back of Melandri, i don't feel so bad about separating my collarbone touching a lapper. amateur mistake though, you'd have to say. also, not getting out of the impact zone is suspect. when he fell off at Qatar last year he tried to get up before he had stopped...again, amateur stuff. i think the man just doesn't fall off enough to know better.
johnny needs to give him some pointers.

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did you guys see the 250 race from motegi??? last lap antics. great race.

it was a tough one. and at that level there obviously is a different meaning to the word yield. i dont see many of those guys yeilding. especially for a spot on the box. it seemed lorenzo, first into the corner, was in too hot and ran it wide. but d'angelis was bombing in way too fast too. making a bonzi move to try and get 2nd or 3rd. (who hasnt done the same thing or thought about it?) maybe it was just brain fade. maybe he just fucked up. personally, i dont think d'angelis was gonna make the corner even if he hadnt tboned lorenzo. i mean he hit him almost straight on. so he was on his way into the weeds regardless. and in the prior corner, he was bumping with pedrosa i think. i cant imagine pedrosa had slowed up that much. i mean d'angelis passed him like he was standing still. so thats why i think he got in too fast. i dont see it was by any means lorenzos fault. and if it hadnt looked like d'angelis was getting in way too hot, id say it was just racing, but the combination of the 2 mistakes i think made the crash happen. if it had been just racing, i think you would have seen the usual paint trading and thats about it. but they hit pretty good. if there is fault to be laid, it should be on d'angelis. but not for not yeilding, i think thatd be dumb. i think those guys should go out and try and win every race. if it was something where he was doing it every weekend, then it would be an issue. but seems like a one time gig. and both of them just running hard. so as weird as it was, i think it was just real hard racing and things just got wild. lorenzo in too hot, d'angelis the same, and they just wacked each other. worked out prety good for pedrosa again though eh??

whaddya think??

interesting fact about a moviestar honda winnning there eh?? last person was kato.

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can i bring the jd 4620?? then when you guys are done playing, i can smash your little toy tractors into the ground with the bucket. if you tell me now, i might be able to get there by spring. the nice thing is i can mow all the way there. and since we're on tractors, anyone ever drain the oil from one of these big jd's??? it holds 10 gals according to the book. the only thing i could figure to do was put a swimming pool under it to drain the oil out. im having problems with the hydrolics, and the book says filter. but im pretty sure i need to drain the oil first. so, does this sound about right?? i need to rev to about 1500 or so to get the hydro working when its hot. and as you know, that inludes power steering. anyone??

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