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MotoGP from Motegi

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If Rossi can mess up and hit the back of Melandri, i don't feel so bad about separating my collarbone touching a lapper. amateur mistake though, you'd have to say. also, not getting out of the impact zone is suspect. when he fell off at Qatar last year he tried to get up before he had stopped...again, amateur stuff. i think the man just doesn't fall off enough to know better.
johnny needs to give him some pointers.

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Johnny show Zack some pointers on getting off.

When are you gonna go dirrrt... dirrrt biken?

if you wanna go mid-week i'm down whenever. i've actually got plans for the next two weekends. it's particularly brutal considering how bored i am all day.
10/1 is the last chance this year for all you vintage sissies to come watch real men ride real bikes. aaron, you went earlier in the summer and last weekend everyone was commenting on your riding. coincidence? probably.

Dirt biking made me faster.
I'm gonna bring over my John Deere and we'll go riding. Build a track so I can come visit since you don't visit me.

I'm going to build a 75cc motard bike for next season. Wanna help?

I was gonna base it on xr75 in a late chassis for the modern 50 group. With an 2mm over bore you end up over 80. I know the bore and strokes are different on them but I'm going to build it out of an xr80 anyway.

I'd build it out of a TTR125 but what am I going to race with the RS's?

The rules off the forum for 2004 say that 75cc +2mm in modern. I didn't know about hte mono shock though.

1.1 50cc Roadracing Rules
For genuine road racing 50cc machines and race prepared street based replicas. There will be three classifications of machines that will compete together but be scored separately.

The following rules apply to ALL 50cc machines regardless of OEM:
1. Ignition and Exhaust are your choice
2. Period fairings are permitted - NO dustbin type
3. The 50cc classes run as a group but will be scored separately. Modern 50cc and Cosmo Cup machines will always start from the back of the grid, or if numbers allow, from a 2nd wave.
50cc races are started in one of two manners (bump start or Le Mans), selected at race director’s discretion.

1.1.1 Modern 50cc
This class encourages the participation of road-based machines constructed in the years from 1984 to the present. It is not intended to be a vintage class, though high standards of presentation will be expected of the entrants. No trophies or championship points will be awarded to the entrants, it is for demonstration purposes only. OEM 16 inches wheels are allowed

1. Displacement: Two stroke 50cc + 2mm overbore allowed
Four stroke 75cc + 2mm overbore allowed
2. Rim size: 16, 17, 18, or 19 inch
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I just want to slide mine in to turn three and show Jeff Wood whats up.

Its a little handle on the Big JD, but he's good for about 9 gallons.

Jd, Do you want to motard with me?

I build a jump almost as tall as me and cleared a spot for a camp with my John Deere. Do they make angled buckets so I can make better burms. How much is a Bob Cat, I may need to buy my own tractor if my father catches some of the crap I do with his?

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