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MotoGP from Motegi

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If Rossi can mess up and hit the back of Melandri, i don't feel so bad about separating my collarbone touching a lapper. amateur mistake though, you'd have to say. also, not getting out of the impact zone is suspect. when he fell off at Qatar last year he tried to get up before he had stopped...again, amateur stuff. i think the man just doesn't fall off enough to know better.
johnny needs to give him some pointers.

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Damn... I gotta get a new rule book.

Very cool, basically LRRS 75cc racing!

I have no doubt an XR75 engine could be built that would push a light rider 75mph. Although that would be a road race style, fairing and all. Mary manages about 70mph out of her bike.

You could easily spend a few thousand on an XR Motard...tons of very cool, very pricey stuff for them.
I just want to slide mine in to turn three and show Jeff Wood whats up.

aaron: "hey Jeff, I'm going to show you what's up. sliding it into turn 3 gives me a stiffy, look!"

jeff: "Security!"
can i bring the jd 4620?? then when you guys are done playing, i can smash your little toy tractors into the ground with the bucket. if you tell me now, i might be able to get there by spring. the nice thing is i can mow all the way there. and since we're on tractors, anyone ever drain the oil from one of these big jd's??? it holds 10 gals according to the book. the only thing i could figure to do was put a swimming pool under it to drain the oil out. im having problems with the hydrolics, and the book says filter. but im pretty sure i need to drain the oil first. so, does this sound about right?? i need to rev to about 1500 or so to get the hydro working when its hot. and as you know, that inludes power steering. anyone??

to get it out of big jd you just pump the handle till it comes out, you remember. but 10 gal is a little optimistic.
Its a little handle on the Big JD, but he's good for about 9 gallons.

Jd, Do you want to motard with me?

motard, is that what you kids are calling it these days?

seriously tho, it does sound fun. mini motards rule!
could you all move this thread to


As long as you're talking tractors...I have a hydraulic drive commercial 18hp mower that's the best for knocking down the green stuff. I also have 2 Monkey Ward, a yellow one I can't remember the name of, a Ford, a Sears 18hp and a fire truck. The truck would make a good farm vehicle. It's a 1974 International 1 ton 4WD with 2 power takeoffs. One runs the winch on the front and the other ran the water pump. It also has a 250 gallon poly water tank. Anybody want it?
Oh, it has about 17,000 miles on the chassis and some kind of a 120V converter thing that runs off the generator.

Frank, the yellow machine you have is a Cub Cadet, if it's an older one from the 70's it's a very very good machine. I have a 1976 1450 Hydro Cub, weighs easily a 1000 lbs, has a rear axle bigger than my truck. Big Kohler single cylinder engine.

There's a local guy with the exact fire truck you are talking about. A heavy duty four wheel drive pickup with the water tank, a reel full of hose. Looks to be a very heavy duty unit. Also probably get's 8 mpg.

What I want to know is when the USCRA is going to get a "HQ trailer". Picture 8x12 enclosed trailer. In this trailer is all the paper work, a computer, t-shirts, trophies...all the crap needed by a race director and support staff. Either it sits at NHIS all the time, or gets towed to races by the race director. It parks in the same place at every race. Everyone knows where it is, and they go there to get the info, talk to the director etc etc.

It's late and I'm just throwing stuff out there.
That's what it is. It had a transmission seal leaking so I put in a can of auto tranny fixer upper stuff and it stopped. I haven't used it for a few years. So many tractors, so little time. We have a Ford 3000 with a bucket that is the shop tractor but since we paved our parking lot it only gets used for home projects.

Let me know what model the Cub Cadet is....maybe I'll buy it off you.
I build a jump almost as tall as me and cleared a spot for a camp with my John Deere. Do they make angled buckets so I can make better burms. How much is a Bob Cat, I may need to buy my own tractor if my father catches some of the crap I do with his?

If it's got a backhoe they make shallow wide buckets that angle back and forth to clear ditches...would work well for a berm. You could do a berm with a normal front bucket but you have to drop fill and run over it as you go to angle the whole tractor.
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