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Mounting aftermarket seat

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I recently bought one of those cafe-style fiberglass seat pans, plan on having it upholstered. Wondering how everyone else came up with a mounting solution. It's going on a 73 cb750, replacing the hideous mustang-style seat. I'm almost certain that I cannot retain the seat pan from that and use it for the cafe-style seat. What is the best thing to use underneath the pan to back it up and mount the hinges and seat lockpin to? Right now it's just a fiberglass shell with a gelcoat. No way in hell I' just going to drill it and just bolt the hinges up.
Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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I used the outside holes for the battery box and the holes for the tool tray to mount mine. Used Delrin spacers to get the seat level with the rear tank mount.

Heres a pic of mine. If you want more detailed pics let me know.

1974 Kawasaki H1 500
1976 Honda CB 750K
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I used round stock Delrin......maybe about 1 1/2" - 2" in diameter. The spacers on the tool tray side are a little taller than the battery box side. I also had to "flat spot" the ones in the tank. That stuff is super hard and hard to cut. I ended up using an angle grinder to burn it flat.

My father inlaw does upholstery and is in the process of making my cover. Will be using stainless snaps on 2" centers down the sides and up over the hump.

1974 Kawasaki H1 500
1976 Honda CB 750K

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