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Mounting aftermarket seat

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I recently bought one of those cafe-style fiberglass seat pans, plan on having it upholstered. Wondering how everyone else came up with a mounting solution. It's going on a 73 cb750, replacing the hideous mustang-style seat. I'm almost certain that I cannot retain the seat pan from that and use it for the cafe-style seat. What is the best thing to use underneath the pan to back it up and mount the hinges and seat lockpin to? Right now it's just a fiberglass shell with a gelcoat. No way in hell I' just going to drill it and just bolt the hinges up.
Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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I've seen it done with plywood (1/2" or thicker) and rubber watherstripping. Cut the plywood roughly 1/8" to 1/4" smaller than the seat area. Get some 1/4" to 1/2" weatherstripping and run around the egdes of the plywood where they would contact the seat pan sides. Should be a snug fit. Glue the plywood to the underside of the 'glass pan. Any manner of bolting/clamping this to the frame can be used (I can't recall what the top of the frame looks like on a 750, I've only seen it done on 350's) but the most important factor of course is the need to dampen vibration. The best setup I've seen had carriage bolts (round headed deals) running through the fiberglass and plywood with rubber grommets at the bolt head and in between the plywood and frame.

There are probably better ways, though. I'm kind of a hack.

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