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Mounting Plate

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Hey Mr. Branson,
You sent me the drawing for the PVL mouting plate right? I'm reorganizing and can't find it.

Cheers, Aaron
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That weight is going to be a huge factor.

Not much on the table for next year. Gotta put the proper exhaust valves back in...which I wasn't running for Frontier. Gonna look into some 26mm Keihins. I really should build a smaller OD exhaust system. All told, if everything worked out...might find another hp. Gotta order Phase 4 pistons at some point...those could be good for a couple more hp. You've seen the way these engines respond to compression.

Bill...Don't I owe you something for a brake? How about a PVL plate? anything cool to trade? I could use a nice 19" LCD monitor.
I'll see what I have for trade?

I don't think that hub was worth that much. A partial credit would be nice. You can email me off list if you want so Evil doesn't find out.
Bill...are you going with the whole PVL setup? You are going to want a block off plate and a mounting plate?

Let me know when you are ready...I've got the crankcase plates ready to ship, the PVL mount will be another week.
We'll work something out.

PS. I though Scott was giving up on the 175 for now.
nah. just not mods for now.
i'm up too.

I just needed the block off plate for now- the PVL will have to wait. Actually the sloper project is taking a rest for now. Gotta get something else out of the garage first. I'll probably be running the vert again this season.
bfd don't need the block off plate unless you are installing a PVL right? Course it's pretty cool anyway...lets you run an open case on that side.
So you want me to go ahead and send one?
I'll email you about it.
Thanks JohnnyB
At some point it will end up with a PVL but I really liked the way Aaron set up his Pertronix on the crank. It will also make it harder to leak oil on the track in the event of a tipover
Aaron used one of my plates on his tricky Petronics setup? Dang, I didn't know that. If I had thought about it for a minute I probably would have realized that he had to use something.
yeah he had the pesky pertonix on the crank with a block off plate by you . . . he posted phtos of it. Good idea, but the PVL is better . . .
yeah he had the pesky pertonix on the crank with a block off plate by you . . . he posted phtos of it. Good idea, but the PVL is better . . .
The PVL has advance built into it, right?
Does the Pertonix?
Actually there are no PVL systems made specifically for four strokes. What Aaron and I have done, along with Penton and others if cherry pick components from the huge PVL selection to make a system that will work on a particular four stroke application.

We use an Analog PVL system with no advance, it all depends on the CDI unit a person uses. Most PVL cdi units (specially the type built into the coils) have a two stroke advance/retard curve....typically oposite of what a four stroke needs.

I've never found the curve sheet for the specific CDI box we use..but using a timing light you can rev the bike from 2000 to 10,000 and see no change in I'm guessing there is no curve.

Sure would be nice to have a Digital PVL box....start about 25 degrees at 2000 rpm and kick it up to 47 degrees at 10,000. a pertronix doesn't have advance....but they are small enough that they can often be mounted in the stock location..taking advantage of the stock advance mechanism....which is of course useless for racing. Still they are a great little system if setup well....and you can't beat the price.
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