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Mr. Phinney

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John and I will be at the shop tonight, It would be great if you could come by and chat with us.

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Got your own grease pit I heard, congrats. Now it's time to lose the wimpy little 250, and buld a proper 650 with nice lumpy cams, that goes way too fast.
Naaaahhhh, Pre-unit Triton, kick ass in style. Put a 9 bolt head on it, nice lumpy cams, 67 flywheel, maybe a set of Corillio (Not sure if I spelt that one right) rods, forged pistons, and one of those magneto looking electronice ignition set-ups. Not only does it look good and go way fast, but you'll have yuppies with way too much money asking to get one.
Donate? Who said anything about donating?
Yeah it's the last year of the right hand shift, matching numbers bike. I'm missing only a few parts from making it stock, but it's all apart, and will need the everything to make it work right again. Somehow doubt that an OIF is any good for racing anyway, they have a habit of breaking at the swingarm, and there goes all your oil.
The modern Triumph needs carb work, ain't running right must to my digust.
Well ya gotta read the fine print on those hotel / garage forms. Most people that those are rented to have a lot more cash available to em, then some poor private race team.
Yeah, sometimes though you have to do some prep. work. I've been caught before, without any planning, and I usually end up getting the short end of the stick. In fact I'm slacking off right now, when I should be working on a web page.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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