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Mr. Phinney

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John and I will be at the shop tonight, It would be great if you could come by and chat with us.

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aaron, 2 things,

1st, isnt an aermachi a "ginny bike??" i thought it was the pig.

2nd, i know a guy who has a really well developed cb350 for sale. dynoed at 51hp. i think he wants 4k for it. eats a set of pistons a season but thats about it. and the pistons are built but wiseco and they have the dims. other than that, it stays together beautifully. that way you can show steve decamp how to really ride eh??

when are you going to be at louden?? will ya be up for the practice on friday, or are you going to lie to me again and say you wont be then go?

see you there.

i hope youre getting ready for round 2 jeremy. if i have to throw myself to the ground again in an attempt to beat you, i will...

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my plan is to leave here thursday a.m. i might meet my dad and pick him up, although everyone is now bailing out on me for the weekend. and he called to let me know he's a maybe now. so i'll be at nhis on thursday evening if everything goes well. i havent worked on my bike at all. still all scraped up from last time out. im going to get the hole in the pipe welded up next week one day. i called tuesday to see whats up with garages and they claim they are all taken. i seriously fucked that one up. for some reason i thought they were 75 a night, not 25 a night. im such an idiot. i think the old hag at the window told me 75 for a garage and i took it to mean 75 a night not the weekend. so i never even bothered to look at the entry form.

i figure i need the practice, so hopefully it'll be practice riding and not practicing to fixing my motorcycle.

we settle today on the house. so the house moving and chaos is going to be in full effect now for the next month.

pray for good weather.

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no, i think the real important thing is to not listen to anyone but yourself. and dont believe what youre told. i took someones word and then decided to sit on my ass for 2 months then decided for some reason that id read the paperwork. oh well, at least i'll have a nice tan before the weekends out. i should have remembered from last year, but my mind is basically a sieve with holes the size of basketballs. that and i didnt preregister, i thought it might be time to sit in line with the other slackers again. i miss my people...

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