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Mr. Phinney

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John and I will be at the shop tonight, It would be great if you could come by and chat with us.

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Yeah I wanted to come the other night but was so tired i just couldn't make it. We'll see about tonight.

Well I have my own little 2 bay garage but I'm looking at some big boy garages right now. I don't own anything yet though.

If I build or buy something fast it's probably going to be a 500 or a 125 (RS). A while a go I thought it would be great bike to build a 650/750 Triton. And I have most of the parts and resources to build one but I found that 500 has more potential and that every other european bike has even more potential. I think if I get a really fast bike it will be either a Aermacchi, Ducati, or a Summerfield Manx. And where I'm not a big fan of the Ginny bikes I'll probably just keep saving my money until I get the Summerfield Manx.

Aaron - Long live Celtic Pride
Oh I totally agree. There the best... I would just feel bad for the rest of you guys if I was on one.

If I run a 67 crank than I will be in the Open Gp or F750. Hmmm... lets see I spoke with Tim Joyce at the Mid Ohio event and he said his HD (F750) has 30 more rear wheel horsies than his well developed Triumph 750 (T.C. heard him say it). Plus my riding ability doesn't really compare to Tim's either. Also around the Loudon track I'd much rather have a 350/500 with around 35/40 rear wheel bhp that weighs less than 250lbs than a 350 pound 40/50 rear wheel bhp clunky slow turning 650/750 Triton. If I were to build a Triton it would be a 500 or most likely a Pre-Unit with a nourished crank but you still limited to about 45 hp without the crank, and after that the cases will do you in, not to mention that its only a 4 speed. If the classes were set up more like AHRMA I would definately build my self a pre-unit Triton, Brits are still my first love, and thats why I was riding a 500 Triton this year but had some technical difficulties. George I have a Triton project under way and was thinking of making an open GP such as the one you described but haven't decided which class to put it in, if you donate a Triumph motor to me I will run it.

One last thing... Bring your modern Triumph up to NHIS and I'll show you how wimpy my little 250 is.

Cheers, Aaron
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George - Is the bike in the classifieds the one your going to donate? Also 73's are still right side shift, correct? Cause its got to be right side shift or it just ain't right.

I don't know when I'm going to get there. Do you have a definate sched yet? Also if you want me to, I will throw Jeremy down in any corner you want. He hasn't been very nice lately. He was rude to me on the phone, but I can't remember what it was.

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