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My Anniversary

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Aaron, JD,

Just had my Quarter Century induction today. Stop by and have a donut in my office.

Some day if you youngsters keep working hard you too may have Twenty Five years in this company, assuming it's still around.

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Congrats Craig,

....I wish I had a real job :(

congrat's man. 25 years is a long time to have your ass planted anyplace.

I have a real job, anybody want it? It interferes with my bike habit. Oh you just have to go to school for like 7 years after high school and give up all sense of self worth.
i've been unemployed for three years straight, still racing and getting laid! woo-hoo! congrats craig.

tex, i always thought you were gay. i guess that means you can still get laid, though.
i always thought the same of you too!

its quality, not quantity my friend.

the homeless guys in the park nest to the shop get laid too ya know.

what kind of perv are ya???? lurkin on homeless people doin it



joe had to study the homeless people next the shop so when somebody asks him he'll know the answer..... ya know, being dahli lama and all.
he has to hold up his reputation.

Congradulations.... do you see people hired after Jan 1, 2005 get a dollor for dollar match on 401k, but get screwed on pension.

I saw that. I think if you get more money up front, the way these new hires are, you'll be much better off in the end. Kind of like having a higher exit speed out of a corner on the race track. You should be going much faster by the end of the straight than the guy that exited the corner slower. How's that for tying this all back to motorcycles.
It's a promise of money that will be paid by a company after a long career of work for that company. Usually the promise is broken just before you reach retirement age.

But I'm not bitter...

Craig money.
So when I'm 65...SS and welfare will be my pension?


PS. I won't need it if my new business takes off..."Free Twenties Inc."
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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