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looks like i have to put off my dream triton on the back burner, some guy in a truck crushed my front mudguard. i now need one with all the brackets for my 1973 CB 350F. know of any? i didn't even get a sorry from the guy he just took off and quick, probably good as i was a bit steamed. mahalo.

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if i could only count the times i found my 68 bonneville lying on its side with gas leaking like blood from a wounded and dying ghetto drug dealer. i got so tired of replacing those $45 stadium bar-end mirrors i stoped riding the bike!! well, i did stop replacing them anyway.

anybody got an axle for an early cb500/550. i cant seem to find one anywhere with out buying an entire bike or front end. i have almost every other axle that will "bolt right up", except for the one that fits correctly. i can get a rough dimension if needed.

thanks for the help. great place. the kind of place we all need to have in our own town!! unfortunately the place in my town sucks my fart hole! both places nearest me!

thanks for the help

hey thanks anyway, but i think ive got one. and with the couple of places you posted, im sure i'll be able to scavenge one up from somewhere. cool places though. i've used ricepaddy cycles before. theyre pretty good, and racers too.

thanks again
joe c
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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