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my contribution to vintage RR and the honda 350 twin

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wow this is very gratifying to me that my swedish friends have finally gotten the wonderful story of there cyb replica ,mind you its not done yet,but that they have now really gotten rolling allong with the story
and putting together a litrerally exact replica of the cb350 based cyb racer
the cyb only became a complete machine for the japanese sportsmen riders ,once they built there own from a donor cb and the extensive cyb kit

its been a few years and i had lost hope of the project being finished and or documernmted
the race kit i got at a yardsale i am kenny
i knew it was very special parts as soon as i found them in the jumbled load in my pickup bed
but i had no clue of cyb and nothing on the parts really rang a bell but rsc on the beautifully cast pistons
i decided to sell off the pistons and super radicall cam and matched shot peened lightened rockers
the stuff was far too radical for anything but wfo close cog gearbox racing
i had it ebay listed as rsc yoshimura because i had found out pops was involved for a short while at honda about the correct timeline
enjoy !
Honda CYB 350 RSC Projekt | Racing-Science
Honda CYB 350 RSC Projekt | Racing-Science
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