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My little CB100

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Picked this thing up a few years ago..................


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From that up there to this so far:


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Agreed...........................but fun to learn on.

I'm no expert mechanic, and I'm using this and my CB/SL350 bike to tear apart and rebuild as a learning tool more so.

So, mostly as said above a nostalgic toy, to run around the hood, and maybe back and forth to work at times.


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yep, here in Georgia, you don't even have to have the thing inspected.

Just take the paperwork in, proof of insurance, get a tag, and ride away.

But, the draw back on that is high insurance rates.
yea, that's high.

beats me, just doesn't make sense.

greed of the money..........
Is that a CL125 tank? I'm curious how it fits on a CB100 frame. Do the mounting points line up?
The tank fits fine, just a booger to get the rubber over the tab on the rear.

However, was soaking the tank with the vinegar treatment, and started to notice pin holes on the bottom.

Metal is paper thin there, gotta figure out how to quick fix it. I really like this tank.


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Flexible fuel cell bladder would work, basically a big plastic bag that you stuff inside the old rusty tank and that has a cap and everything.
Never seen one for motorcycles :| [email protected]$%^ there I just gave away another billion $ idea.
Well, got the engine top end done, back together, and in the bike.

Put the kicker pedal on, then it stripped. Couldn't kick it any more.

So coming back out and tear down again.


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That was my thought train to. Drilled and tapped a hole, just didn't hold.

Couldn't get a good angle on the shaft, so I found a replacement..........pulled the engine, and went to town...........first time ever going into and splitting an engine.

Wish me luck......
or just weld the kick lever on...
Trust me......seriously considered, till I thought about cleaning the rotor filter out during oil changes.
Well, got the engine rebuilt with new kicker. Reinstalled, and running.

Been wiring the lights and stuff. Got a cb160 headlight bucket, now need a speedometer to fit in there. (one that works for a decent price)

Not really worried if the ratio is not the same.


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Thanks, it was a good learning experience.

I tore open a CL350 engine at the same time just because I seen a lot of permatex around the edges, and man, what a lot:


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but did it leak?

Ha ha.........never had it filled to know.

Bet it didn't, but might have been the reason for the fried top end.
Blame the attorneys, greedy customers and insurance companies. (but mostly attorneys ) A friend in Britain has a Porsche Boxter that only costs around $250 for 6 months and his 883 Sportster is £83 a year. My stepdaughter had an accident in her car (nothing to do with me or registered in my name) My insurance mare than doubled just because car was registered at the same address. I'm 62 with a totally accident free record (I don't think a speeding ticket in a different country in 1980 counts?)

Almost a certainty.
You'll need to strip oil pump plus check all the passages, restrictors, clutch cover oilways, etc.
Silicon is evil stuff in motorcycle engines

Agree with the "greed"......pure greed.

Yep, the pump and all pieces of this engine have been disassembled and cleaned, fortunately I only had to use this as a training aide.

I'm building a CB350 engine at the moment. Very slowly I might add.
Geeesh.....this little thing is giving me the fits.

Rode it around the hood the other night, parked it. Tried to start it last night, after work, would not fire up. Kicked and kicked and kicked.

Pulled the plug, cleaned it, and fired up. Rode it around the yard and when i turned the lights on and used the turn signal, she seem to sputter, and want to die.

So turned off the lights ran fine till i got close to the porch , where I keep it, she spit and sputtered dead.

Carb and possible stator problems......???????????????????????

Battery is new, new after market carb. New harness.

Looked at the valve adjustment, not sure if they are set right, feelers are too big to fit.

Plus, how would you hold this after adjustment. Doesn't have the slot for a screwdriver?

Thanks for the responses, will try to look at everything y'alls said.

Any recommendations on the regulator/rectifier?


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Thanks for the info guys.

I'll give it my best and see what happens. I'm a Mcguyver kind of person too. Well, mostly cheap, from being broke.

Man the clearance is is almost paper thin. I think I can whittle down this feeler to fit in there.

So we'll see.

Thanks, y'all....
ha ha........I didn't mean that way, just this feeler I have is a wide blade. Gets in the way trying to get in there to check the clearance.

But I'm going to order some of those from Amazon or the bay, that are made for these bikes.

Didn't mess with it last night, too freaking hot out.....100 degree broke the record.
I would like to see some pictures of that.

I wouldn't mind some cooler weather, been in the 100s last few days.

Will start cooling down though today. We have 2 temps down, then cold.
That is cool, wished I could have done stuff like that growing up.

Couldn't even afford to have bicycles, let alone stuff like that.

Didn't get my first motorcycle till I was 50.
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